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WADesk specializes in WhatsApp marketing and customer acquisition, offering powerful lead generation, multi-account bulk messaging, and SCRM tools. Seamlessly integrate your private domain marketing for overseas markets with AI-driven solutions, ensuring sustainable growth.Empower your overseas team to retain their most valuable customers!

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With WADesk, build robust user relationships and a comprehensive network using our efficient WhatsApp SCRM tool.

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Efficient Private Marketing

Use WhatsApp's ecosystem for AI-driven lead generation, bulk messaging, and instant interactions to strengthen relationships.

Full Lifecycle Management

Streamline management with detailed records. Backup team lists and chats to prevent data loss, even if accounts are suspended.


Multi-account, multi-task messaging with scheduled, random, and personalized content. Automated, stable account engagement with AI.

Data Statistics · Message Backup · Team Management
● Conversation Sync and Backup
Unified account management, secure data storage, and traceable chats. No customer loss even if accounts are suspended.
● Data Overview and Trends
Key data and trends at a glance: new/total customers, message activity, response times, with multi-dimensional filtering for employee insights.
● Team Contact Merging and Deduplication
Automatically merges all team contacts. Quickly target key customers through search, time range, and key information filters. Export 20+ fields with one click for easy analysis.
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SCRM AI Matrix · 10x Efficiency

AI-powered marketing for future global trade!

● AI Smart Nurturing

Automated AI interactions for account nurturing. Track progress in real-time, nurturing 100+ accounts simultaneously.

● AI Keyword Expansion

Expand leads by 100x with AI-powered keyword searches in target areas.

● AI Personalized Marketing

AI for replies, translations, and copywriting. Generate 20+ variants for bulk sending, boosting response rates by 4.2x.

Lead Mining · Customer Acquisition

Capture global leads using Google Maps and target keywords.

● AI Smart Mining and Keyword Expansion

No fear of vocabulary limitations, using AI to find localized popular keywords and expand layers.

● Multi-Dimensional Customer Information

Extracts data by country, region, industry, and more, supporting one-click export to Excel.

● Bulk Messaging for Leads

Supports bulk messaging to extracted leads with automatic number verification during the process, ensuring seamless integration.

● More Platform Data Coming Soon (Gmail,  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn... )

Bulk Messaging · Efficient Reach

Automated engagement reduces account suspension risks!

● Daily Lead Generation and Messaging

Support 100+ accounts for multi-task bulk messaging. Send 2000+ messages daily with AI nurturing.

● Customized Messages

Include personalized content and various attachments. Ensure unique, stable messages without suspension.

● Scheduled Sending

Target different regions and schedule optimal delivery times.

Precision Marketing · Activation & Conversion

● Conversation AI Assistant

Enable bilingual mode to intelligently generate reply content, eliminating communication barriers and boosting interaction efficiency by 300%!

● Real-time Translation

Automatically detect customer languages, support switching between 134 languages, and provide real-time translation of chat messages.

● Auto Reply

Customize default greetings or keyword-based responses. Personalize messages to instantly welcome new customers, ensure quick replies, and handle frequent inquiries autonomously to maximize satisfaction!

● Quick Reply

Support various formats such as text, images, videos, and business cards. Build your exclusive material library!

WhatsApp CRM · Boost Repeat Purchases

Log into 100+ WhatsApp accounts with a single contact list, ensuring no important customer is lost!

● Conversation Grouping & To-Do Reminders

Group conversations by progress and set reminders for important follow-ups. Easily seize every business opportunity!

● Detailed Profiles & Customer Tags

Update customer notes, mark their value, and record detailed information to enhance customer profiles. Search and filter contacts by notes for quick access and instant conversation initiation.

● Bulk Import & Messaging

Send new product lists to regular customers and order details to existing clients efficiently.

● Unified Contact List & Chat Backup

No worries about account suspension — switch to a new account without losing valuable customers!

Configurable Fingerprint Environment for Each Account

Worried about account suspension with multiple accounts? - Configure a unique fingerprint environment for each WhatsApp account first!

Set up isolated, clean, and private fingerprint environments for each account to reduce risks and enhance security.

More Features Coming Soon

Customizable features available. Contact customer service for details.

● Team Lead Assignment & Team Tags

Import leads in bulk and assign them to employees for follow-up. Automatically advance follow-up processes based on system rules. Detailed data records make it easy for administrators to track lead progress within each account.

● Expanded Lead Mining Channels

Including Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn...

Data Compliance & Security

As a professional enterprise IT service provider, WADesk's parent company ZingDeck holds ISO certification.

● WADesk uses bank-level encryption for data transmission and storage, and isolates data servers from the public network to minimize data leakage and ensure customer data security.

● We conduct regular security checks on our website to ensure it is free from hacker intrusions or malware. Additionally, we stay updated on the latest developments in cybersecurity to promptly address potential threats.

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Our operations team has 5 members, each managing at least 10 WhatsApp accounts. We need to continuously promote and acquire customers while maintaining tens of thousands of users daily. It’s quite a headache.

maryam - a user of aso tools
Maryam Amiri

Leads are easily lost, and user information recorded after multiple transfers is often missing. We hope for a follow-up reminder feature. As we operate multiple products, leads need to be managed in groups.

hossein - a user of aso tools
Hossein Shams

Our customers are all on WhatsApp. The CRM products on the market are too expensive, and we don’t need many of their features. We just want a simple and easy-to-use SCRM tool that we can quickly get started with.

sarah - a user of aso tools
Sarah Johns

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