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WADesk is a WhatsApp SCRM tool for customer management, leads mining, personalized marketing, and efficient deal management. It's perfect for both businesses and individuals within the WhatsApp ecosystem.
For individuals: Expand your customer base, manage leads, connect with customers, and boost performance.
For teams: Improve lead progression, retain customer assets, back up chats, and maximize efficiency.
Compared to traditional CRM tools:
Strong social features: Integrates WhatsApp, supports 100+ accounts, and fosters interactive customer relationships.
Wide reach: Manages internal resources and engages leads from Gmap, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
Personalized marketing: Uses auto-translation and AI tools for targeted campaigns.

Compared to leading CRM tools:
Lightweight and convenient: Essential features without redundant functions, easy to use.
Cost-effective: Core functionalities with scalability, flexible module selection, and personalized needs without extra costs.

Choosing the right product is crucial!
User data security is our priority. WADesk's parent company ZingDeck holds ISO certification.
WADesk uses bank-level encryption for data transmission and storage, and isolates data servers from the public network to ensure data security.
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